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Key to a Mindful Festive Season

Fall brings with it the festive season, and time soon flies by in a flurry. It isn’t unknown to feel the blues before and after the festive season, considering how hectic things can get, how much shopping and gifting is involved. This is why mindfulness becomes all the more important during the festive season. Without mindfulness, you might end up with way more things than you’d like, more waste and more energy expended. Here are some of the things we do that help us take this joyous but chaotic season nice and slow.

Plan ahead

Whether it’s gifting, cooking or hosting any kind of activities, make a list, jot down every detail, assign a timeline and set out to tick it off step by step. Having a list that breaks down your tasks into actionable steps is not only efficient but will also save you from feeling overwhelmed.

Rethink gifting

No, we don’t mean NOT gifting at all! But adjust your approach a bit. Instead of getting swept up the thrill of festive consumerism, focus more on the act of giving, rather than the gift itself. When you’re choosing to gift mindfully, you end up giving something that the recipient will find value in rather than letting it go to waste.

Make the most of what you have

Whether it’s new clothes and shoes, décor items, or even gifts – a quick scan of your already-existing inventory will tell you that you probably already have enough! This is especially important if you’re moving towards an environmentally-conscious and zero-waste lifestyle.

Take care of your own needs

The festive season is all about friends, family and loved ones coming together. And in the frenzy of socializing, your own needs are likely to be pushed into a corner, leaving you feeling even more fatigued and stressed out. No matter how busy the day, remember to take a few minutes out for yourself. Curl up with your favorite book or catch an episode of a series that always cheers you up.


You really don’t have to do everything. Don’t hesitate to share the task list with a friend or family. Also, make peace with the fact that it doesn’t have to be perfect and that it’s completely alright if you don’t do EVERYTHING you thought you could do.

Be there in the moment

Ultimately, all this effort is worthwhile only if you’re able to finally soak up the moment, share laughter with your loved ones and bask in the warmth of sharing these precious moments with all those close to your heart. So, when the time comes, put the phone and the to-do lists away. Stop mentally running through tasks. Just sit back and enjoy this time with the ones who matter. In the end, this is what makes all the difference.

How do you plan to have a mindful festive season? Tell us in the comments!

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