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  • ♻️PREPARE AND STORE HEALTHY MEALS - Ideal size for lunch box, snacks, storing leftovers and more. These multipurpose food storage containers work well as pot-in-pot containers for making ready to go meals.
  • ♻️PREMIUM QUALITY CONTAINERS - Made from high-quality food-grade safe CPSIA & FDA Approved Stainless Steel material, our lunch containers are carefully crafted to be corrosion and rust free making them a trustworthy choice for your family. If taken care of well, they will last you a lifetime.
  • ♻️ECO-FRIENDLY, REUSABLE, PLASTIC FREE - Our stainless steel lunch containers are free from BPA, phthalates or any toxins. They are reusable, lightweight, 100% leakproof, freezer safe, dishwasher safe. They are unbelievably unbreakable, proving safe for baby food, school, work, hikes or just anywhere.
  • ♻️CREATED FOR BUSY LIVES - The Pinwheelers 'Nestable Quad' stainless steel lunch boxes are easy to handle, perfect to meal prep, extra durable, and simple to “Use Rinse and Repeat”. Made with 304 steel, food-grade safe and guaranteed 100% leakproof make these stackable containers a perfect choice for adults and kids.
  • ♻️DAYCARE FRIENDLY DESIGN - These multi size stackable stainless steel food containers are great options for young kids going to daycare or pre-school. They are eco-friendly, sustainable and unbreakable; making them safer than glass for little toddlers.

Nestable Quad - Purple

  • Four Round Stainless Steel Containers of different sizes with leakproof silicone lids


    • MINI - Diameter: 6.7 cm; Height: 3.6 cm; Capacity: 110 ml
    • SMALL - Diameter: 8.5 cm; Height: 4.4 cm; Capacity: 220 ml
    • MEDIUM - Diameter: 10.5 cm; Height: 5.3 cm; Capacity: 400 ml
    • LARGE - Diameter: 12.5 cm; Height: 6 cm; Capacity: 700 ml
  • We do not compromise on the quality of our product and you can look up our lab test results here.

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