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Better Together: Quarantine Self-Care for the Whole Family

Schools shut, exams canceled, plans stalled – these are strange times for all of us. And it can be a tad bit too stressful if you’re a parent suddenly tasked with not only figuring out ways to keep your children entertained, productive and safe but also constantly worrying about the fate of the world. It can be overwhelming. And you’re not alone in this worry. You’ll find yourself easily getting caught up in this spiral of “keeping yourself busy” and navigating these uncertain times. Hope and relief come in creating little pockets of self-care to ground yourself, recentre your thoughts and not give in to the panic and stress.

We’ve got some self-care tips that we hope will help you and your family get through this difficult time together.

Exercise Together

Exercise boosts endorphins, which invariably puts you in a good mood. Plus, what’s more fun than the whole family getting in on it? This not only keeps you healthy and helps manage stress and anxiousness better but also gives you a chance to bond with the family.

Get Dressed Up for Dinner

Put on the music, bring out the fancy china, get the whole family into the finest attires and gather at the dinner table! Now is as good a time as any to celebrate this thing called life, these moments of laughter and the gift of family! Plus, all that dressing up is sure to get everyone, yourself included, so excited!

Jam Together

Who hasn’t dreamed of starting a family band? What better time than now? Bring out the toy drums and keyboards, the colorful noisemakers, the funky costumes and let your collective artistry flow!

Step away from the screen

Constantly checking in to social media and news channels is only going to make you feel more overwhelmed. It’s perfectly alright to take a step back and take a break from the constant exposure, and tap back in whenever you’re ready and recharged!

Build a fort together

Nothing to lift the spirits like a good trip back to your childhood! And there’s no better companion to take that trip with than your kids. Band together and build an adult-size fort. Sneak in milk and cookies and your favorite comics. Giggle together, snuggle together. Create your own kind of magic.

Cook together

We can’t stop suggesting this! There are very few activities that bring parents and kids closer together in truly lasting and beautiful ways. And cooking is at the top of that list. Even if it’s a simple breakfast, roping in your kids as sous chefs will not only make them feel empowered and productive, it’ll also give them a sense of purpose and teach them important life skills! Plus, this might just sow the seeds of a lifelong ritual of cooking together.

Shake up your routine

With no means of stepping out or doing your usual outdoorsy activities, it’s very easy to fall into a rut and get bogged down by it. You’ll end up feeling like you’re working too much, but still not doing enough. Don’t be afraid to loosen the reins and shake up your routine a bit. Once a week, you could actually allow the kids to decide the schedule. Who knows what you might discover along the way?

The times may feel surreal, but remember you are not alone. Together, we’re sure to endure and overcome this. Don’t hesitate to speak to a loved one when you feel it’s all getting a bit much!

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